• How to install wall lights

    Once you have found the perfect wall light to suit the décor of your space, installing it can feel daunting; particularly if you have never undertaken a task like this before. Not to worry, we have created a simple guide to make installing your new wall light quick and easy so you can enjoy the brightness in your new space sooner rather than later.

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  • Cost-Effective Solutions To Keeping Your Home Bright Through The Seasons

    As we move from season to season, you may find that keeping your home décor fresh can quickly become expensive and time consuming. Here are our hints and tips on how to help your home reflect the seasons without breaking the bank.

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  • How To Create A Modern-Looking Living Room

    As one of the main social rooms in your home, creating an atmosphere that will cater to a variety of occasions is no easy feat. Whether you are enjoying a movie with friends, or holding a social meeting; the right lighting can make all the difference to setting an ambience that complements your social activities.

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